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So, you've found MindVit. Welcome Onboard!

So, you've found MindVit. Welcome Onboard!

Health is a hot – topic. It’s been a “trend” not just on Instagram but in the ancient Greek, Indian, & Egyptian civilizations. Hippocrates labelled 4 humors in the body (now called hormones) which affect emotions – blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile. Patanjali gave the 8 limbs of health; Yam, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi.  Modern perspectives state that health is comprised of 5 dimensions, like petals making up a flower -

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

MindVit is a conscious digital platform dedicated to the mental and emotional dimensions of health.

We’re no therapists. We’re not doctors. We’re certainly no sages or philosophers. We’re a diverse team committed to creating a digital home for you where you can practice mental wellness safely, positively, and mindfully.

We’re a gym for your Mind, a check-up for your Heart, a To-Do for your passions & goals, a filter for all the positive content

You can’t see thoughts, or touch emotions. However, this intangibility is still a very real, impactful experience. Your nervous system feels pain both from being tangibly hit by a car and intangibly hit by a breakup. In worldly terms, intangible translates to “virtual”. You’re digitally immersed most of the time, experiencing the virtual in the form of social media, online businesses, texting, emails, dating apps, food apps, travel blogs etc.

Being constantly bombarded by opinions, someone else’s thoughts and emotions, graphic imagery, tempting stimulus, drama, vile, hateful social evils, negative headlines, and violent news has consequential effects on your health.

When you establish a dam upon a flowing river and use the existing current, you generate energy.  We recognize the online virtual existence as this river. There’s a lot of unchecked, imbalanced energy with no direction. The good news is energy can always be harnessed for optimum wellness. Our digital platform aims to be that dam which allows, regulates, and curates content for you which is positive, inspiring, hopeful, creative, educational, and mindful.

Positivity Feed
There’s a lot of good happening in this world, trust us.
There are no limits to compassionate people, humor, innovation, and art.
We love our job of compiling and curating such content to nurture your mental & emotional wellbeing.
The walls of this digital home are made up of positive narratives.
For happiness, perceptual shift is crucial.

Gradual, consistent positivity has a tremendous power. You feed on positivity; you become positive (neuroscience says so!). Our brain is highly plastic and ever – adapting to stimulus and experiences. We’re working to transform this fact into Action.

Prioritizing mental wellness is an everyday task. However, once you start to go about it, you confront the societal stereotypes along the way. Think of it this way; nobody will blame you if you suffer from hypertension, cardiac issues, or allergies. You can groan about your common cold, take an off from work if you’ve contracted high fever, and find accurate representation of cancer or any other terminal illnesses accurately in the media. We rely on doctors and Science to discuss physical health in movies, fitness centres, or everyday life. Why is it that the discourse around mental illness is still based on stereotypes, hearsay, and judgments?

Breaking the Mental Health Stereotypes
Depression does not go away by praying or productivity.
Mental illness is of many types, and can happen to anyone from any part of the world.
Dissociative Identity Disorder is not a demonic possession (Bollywood loves to cast women with wild, open hair to play the role) and it certainly doesn’t make you a murderer (Netflix loves a good mystery)
What are some of the perspectives of Anxiety?
And much more.
We believe that discussion & education on mental health is the only way to create a long term social awareness.
We rely on experts, researches, and literature to bring about a responsible discourse on mental wellness.
This can save lives.
Who contributes to this discourse?
~ Mental health experts ~ Social stalwarts and change makers ~ You
This is a platform for researchers, medical professionals, change makers, social wokers, influencers, public figures, and you to contribute in spreading awareness and sharing experiences.
Tell us your story

Our mission is to prioritize and practice mental wellness. It doesn’t stop at being a recipient of knowledge. We want you to take an active step in contributing to your own wellness. The 2 most fundamental questions that can be asked related to mental health are very simple, “How am I feeling?” “What is the most sensitive approach to feel something?”

Bringing simple self-help tools
Do you want to find out what kind of sadness you’re feeling?
Do you know that there are intensities to anger?
Are you aware that breathing techniques may work for your friend, but for you, something entirely else is needed, something creative, novel?
Do you long for a pause in the day, but are unable to take out even 5 minutes?
Do you require a place to rant, be vulnerable, or nostalgic?
Do you know that emotions are felt by the intelligent body?
We bring to you some simple self – help tools to practise mental wellness.
The times can be challenging, vulnerable, or mundane. What matters to us that you always have the tools to check on yourself.
We make sure that you’ve got these tools in your pocket

Join us in this digitally conscious movement to help you witness, validate, and work towards mental wellness. The adventure of your mental health is lifelong; it makes sense that the virtual, the digital, the era of information focuses on this journey.

There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way ~ Thich Nhat Hanh                                     

With Love,

Ashwani Kumar

Founder, MindVit

(Happiness in your Pocket)


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